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Name:Princess Amphitrite, aka Ami Mizuno
Disclaimer: I do not own, nor do I claim any association with Naoko Takeuchi, or other writers/owners of the Sailor Moon/V franchise or related series/companies/characters/etc.

This is a journal made for rp and fanfiction. I make no money from this, nor should this be redistributed for profit.

Mun is 21+. Muse is played at various ages ranging from 9 to 300+.
I don't play smut often, but anything of that variety will not be played with any character under the age of 18. No exceptions. When in doubt, please just ask.

On canon for this AU:

A what if AU where instead of Venus being found by Artemis first, it was Mercury he found instead.
Timeline is currently being worked on, but in general the Senshi are a year (or two) older than they were in the standard canon and started fighting at a slightly older age.
While this AU follows the general storyline of the original anime, it's not going to adhere to it strictly and lots will change.

I pick and choose from a mix of all the various Sailor Moon canons, but the basis for this AU is mostly a mix of the original manga of Sailor Moon, the Code Name Sailor V manga, and the original Japanese anime. I have disregarded the anime episode 42 of Minako's past as it never made much sense to me, and with the blend of this AU and change in characters, it makes no sense at all. Episode 21 of the anime may also be scrapped from this AU, or highly altered.
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